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  • 19 Jan 2019

    Some of our competitors only show their own homes, but if you buy your home through Bjurfors you will have access to all the homes that are for sale, which increases the chances that we will find your dream home.

    The Swedish people are used to having to turn to a specific broker to be able to buy a specific home, but Bjurfors cooperates with the other brokers on the coast, which means that we have a much larger supply than the competitors who only sell their own listings.

    Up to every fourth Swedish buyer buys their home via a broker who does not cooperate with other brokers, this means that they risk not finding what they are looking for or that they pay too much for the home as there may be others on the market that are both better and cheaper.

    Do you contact for example one of their offices, they have 3.6% of the homes for sale right now, so as a buyer you choose 96.4% of the market's supply.

    Which broker do you think has the best opportunity to find your dream home?

    A broker with access to 3.6% of the homes or Bjurfors who have access to 100% of the homes in the market?

    The answer may seem obvious, and this is one of the reasons why Bjurfors looks bright on the future as more and more Swedes will contact them to avoid this restriction and gain access to the full range of the market.

    "This is exactly why Bjurfors customers feel confident that they get the best home for the best price," says Jerry Kyrk at Bjurfors Costa del Sol.

    Furthermore, there is a misconception that the buyer has to pay for the brokerage service. Nothing could be more wrong with Bjurfors. We offer a free and quality-assured purchase brokerage service where we offer a complete solution to find your dream home at the best price.

    We at Bjurfors only have employees who have the right insurance, which is also appreciated by our customers.

    Are you seriously interested in finding your dream home? Then you should contact Bjurfors today.

    Don't settle for less!

    Get in contact with us!

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